Thursday, July 3, 2008

...but I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

I marveled at the abilities of my ancestors as I stood at the top of an Aztec pyramid.
I viewed the Emerald City from young impassioned eyes.
I was numbed by the quiet pain radiating from the gaping hole of 9/11.
I saw Tokyo Tower and lost my breath at the top of the Akasaka.
I walked the hotel halls of Hollywood glamour, and the ghettos of Juarez.
I saw Mount Fuji for 5.2 seconds.
I could only imagine what walls could say if only they could speak…from Whisky a Go Go to CBGB.
I saw 1940’s racism exist in the 1990’s south.
I sat in President Taft’s enormous chair somewhere in California.
I made myself disappear into the crowds of Shibuya and never felt more at home.
Bono sang to me in the desert.
Billy Idol let me touch his hair.
I’ve seen the moon rise over glistening white sand and the sun set on a quiet gulf.
I saw 126 soldiers leave and 125 come home.
I developed a hopeless addiction to the Windy City, and heard blues as I’ve never heard them before.
I’ve been mesmerized by the lights of Las Vegas one too many times.
The finest steak melted in my mouth deep in the heart of Texas.
A hall of famer tried to take me to bed with him, but a world series pitcher succeeded.
I fell off a bridge at college and was rescued by the man who’d become the father of my children.
I rushed to the city different and saw hope in a black man’s face, reassuring me he might just be president.

I’ve been to so many places I never meant to go but have never been in the place I’ve so badly wanted to be.

  • When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. ~Hunter S. Thompson